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The Solutions of CUET 2022 PYQs Chapterwise Test is given in our CUET 2023 Crashup Question Bank Book.

CUET 2023 Crashup

What's Inside the CUET Crashup :

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Solutions of CUET 2023 Chapterwise Test

This CUET Crashup contains all the solutions of CUET Physics Chapterwise Test and CUET Biology Chapterwise Test.

CUET Question Papers 2022 Solved

550 Previous Years Questions (PYQs) of CUET 2022 (Total 11 Question Papers) from 8th August 2022 to 30th August 2022 with detailed solution and explanation which includes:
Physics 8th August Slot 1
Physics 23rd August Slot 1
Physics 26th August Slot 2
Physics 30th August Slot 2
Chemistry 10th August Slot 1
Chemistry 17th August Slot 1
Chemistry 18th August Slot 1
Chemistry 20th August Slot 1
Biology 18th August Slot 1
Biology 20th August Slot 1
Biology 30th August Slot 1

CUET ICAR UG Chapterwise Question Bank

This CUET Crashup also includes the NTA ICAR UG (Now CUET ICAR UG) Chapterwise Question Bank PYQs Class 12 Syllabus from 2019 to 2022 of all shifts of Physics and Chemistry Class 12 Chapterwise PYQs.
(Total 15 Question Papers of Physics and 14 Questions Papers of Chemistry)

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CUET Chemistry Chapterwise

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General Test

All the PDFs of CUET 2022 General Test (GT) Question Paper with Solutions will be uploaded after second week of April. Also free mock test for General Test will be conducted which will be uploaded from 1st week of May.